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An application to vary the premises licence at The Chameleon Club, 1 Marylebone Road. Photo: Chris F on

Hammer Holdings Limited has applied to Westminster Council to vary the premises licence at The Chameleon Club, 1 Marylebone Road.

This is an application for a full variation to vary the layout of the plans for the basement and mezzanine only (ground floor to remain as existing) and amend 2 conditions. This application is a combination of changes to the two operating floors and to two conditions, states the applicant.

There is no change to the style of operation which will remain a combination of members club, restaurant and some events as outlined to the Licensing Committee and reflected in the conditions restricting use on the premises licence. There are no changes to the ground floor which is not trading but indicates the toilet provision. The proposed changes to the conditions are to Condition 15 which will state the maximum occupancy (excluding staff) for the premises is 300. There will be a minimum number of seats provided at all times the premises conduct licensable activities of 116 on the mezzanine and 104 on the basement.

This is a reduction in occupancy of 80 and a related reduction in the number of seats by 80 also retaining the same ratio. The proposed changes will limit the occupancy accordingly and it would not be possible physically to get the previous figure of 180 seats into the basement in any event. The second change relates to Condition 26 where it is sought to extend the number of smokers outside from 12 to 30. Condition 34 makes it clear that the closing time should be 03.30 as it is a condition remaining on the licence, states the applicant.

To view the details of the application and to make a comment, see the application on Westminster Council’s website.

22/04422/LIPV, 1 Marylebone Road, London NW1 4AQ.

The last date for making a representation is 23 May 2022.

Residents in the City of Westminster can make use of free advice from the Licensing Advice Project at Citizens Advice Westminster, and should also contact the Fitzrovia Neighbourhood Association with any comments they wish to make.