Fitzrovia, the construction industry and social media

Social media may bring people from the construction industry together in a virtual space, but face-to-face contact is still important. The construction industry still likes Fitzrovia's real meeting places, says Paul Wilkinson. The world's first awards for social media in the built environment will be held on 9 February 2011 at the Building Centre, Store Street, London WC1E 7BT

Some community groups will receive no funding as a result of government cuts

Community groups in Camden and Westminster found out last week how the government's cuts to local authority funding will affect them. Delegates at conferences were told that fewer community centres will receive funding, and many voluntary organisations will receive no funding at all. Camden will continue to offer annual revenue grants while Westminster have scrapped grants and introduced commissioning.

Store Street shops still mostly empty but The Bedford Estates hopeful of new tenants

By Linus Rees A parade of shops along Store Street remains mostly boarded up after landlord The Bedford Estates raised rents and refurbished the shop units over the past year. The Bedford Estates is however hopeful that the shops will be let over the next few months. A restaurant and offices will also be built …