plane tree
A plane tree twists to reap the light coming down Tottenham Street. The tree's natural beauty can be seen without the wires and cables which had been previously stapled to it during the winter months.

Since the demolition of the Middlesex Hospital, the streets surrounding the site have benefited from extra daylight. A tree on the corner of Tottenham Street and Charlotte Street has over time twisted slightly northwest, and reached over towards where the hospital once stood to take advantage of the afternoon light.

In midsummer, Tottenham Street is treated to beautiful sunsets, and the attractive buildings in Riding House Street and Candover Street can be seen. The Grade II listed All Souls’ School is  visible from the south and the east, where before it was hidden. Children in their new playground enjoy the light even on the cold winter days.

People commented during the hot summer days in 2009 how there was a refreshing breeze coming down Tottenham Street to stir the humid air that gathered during the daytime and often lingered into the night. The trees also provide vital shade during the  London summers. Natural heat control amongst the scourge of air-conditioning units that proliferate in Fitzrovia.