By News Reporters

Our story about the local election battle was the most popular page on the Fitzrovia News website over the past 30 days. The overwhelming majority of visitors arrived at our home page, but the Local Election Battle story that we published on 14 April 2010 was the most popular single story.

On election day itself, Thursday 6 May, it again stood out as the most popular page with more hits than all the other stories put together. Fitzrovia is made up of parts of three election wards (two in Westminster and one in Camden). The page listed all the candidates standing in the three wards and provided information about the previous election results.

Also noteworthy was the popularity of stories about Derwent London, the Fitzrovia Partnership and the former Middlesex Hospital site. Issues about planning, development and the environment have long been a concern for people living in Fitzrovia.

Most popular pages for the 30 days up to 6 May 2010

Title Views
Home page 1,000
Fitzrovia – Local election battle 137
About Fitzrovia News 63
Fitzrovia – Neighbourhood under threat f 50
Fitzrovia – Labour campaigning in Great 45
Contact Fitzrovia News 34
Fitzrovia – Window smashed in protest at 30
Fitzrovia – Don’t get me wrong: Simon Si 28
Fitzrovia – Garden allotments on Middles 26
Fitzrovia – Galleries of variety in betw 20
Discussion about Fitzrovia 17
Fitzrovia – Where are all the election p 17
Fitzrovia – Iceland freezes out the loca 16
Fitzrovia – Green candidate denies anti- 14
Fitzrovia – Looking forward to Labour 14
Fitzrovia – Pity the London Plane tree i 13
Fitzrovia – Gardeners condemn Kaupthing’ 11
Fitzrovia – Goodge Street revisited 11
Fitzrovia – Plan to turn “little oasis” 9
Fitzrovia – Fairy lights are being remov 6
Fitzrovia – Trees vandalised for fairy l 6
Fitzrovia – Hospital amputates affordabl 5
Fitzrovia – Political Geography 4
Fitzrovia – Local Conservatives know eve 4
Viva Fitzrovia – A short film about Fitz 4
Fitzrovia – Stanhope may bid for former 3
Fitzrovia – Blue tits in an ash tree def 3
Fitzrovia – Kaupthing to sell former hos 1
Fitzrovia – Skip wagon collides with pol 1
Fitzrovia – Stanhope dumps Noho and cour 1
Fitzrovia – Wet cold and clueless in Fit 1
Fitzrovia – Media glare on the neighbour 1
Fitzrovia – Spring sun-seeker on Charlot 1
Fitzrovia – Penny drops out after a fine 1
Fitzrovia – Olive Leonard is making a wo 1
Fitzrovia – Tree planting 1