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Licence appllication notice on door of Capricorn Club, Goodge Street

Tonight Linus Rees, chair of Fitzrovia Neighbourhood Association, represented residents objections to a licence application by the Capricorn Club, Goodge Street. Mr Rees presented the views of Goodge Street residents to Adam Harrison, Bloomsbury Ward councillor.

Goodge Street residents had asked to be represented on their behalf because they were unwilling to do so in person for fear of repercussions by people involved in the vice trade surrounding the club.

The Metropolitan Police have formerly objected to the granting of any licence to the club. However, residents are concerned that Camden’s licensing officers could persuade councillors to approve the application. Previously Camden approved the renewal of the licence despite evidence of illegal activities at the premises.

Fitzrovia News previously reported the activities of the club which was closed last year after a police raid.

The licence register can be viewed and objections made on Camden Council’s website here. Objections must be received before 15 June 2010.

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