Moral Underground Map
Navigating the moral maze in Fitzrovia

By Peter Whyatt

What do The Death Penalty, Reality TV Stars and Channel 4 Executives have in common? They are all tube stations in Fitzrovia, according to a new Moral Underground Map apparently leaked out of the Daily Mail’s offices and into the hands of The Poke.

A rogue journalist apparently got into the Daily Mail editor’s office and saw their secret editorial formula pinned up on the wall. “Shocked by its similarity to a public transport system so often maligned within The Daily Mail’s own pages, he rolled it up, put it under his jacket and walked out of his job into a media firestorm,” reported The Poke.

According to the Moral Underground Map, Fitzrovia is served by several tube lines: Media Scum, PC Gone Mad, Obsessions, and Rage-O-Meter. The Fitzrovia News editor wonders what our moral agenda is. Comments please.