Lamp post without banner
And after: improved streetscape showing the London Plane tree.
Advertising banner hanging from lamp post
Before: lamp post with banner spoiling view down street.

By Peter Whyatt

Tatty banners hanging from lamp posts in Charlotte Street and Goodge Street, in Fitzrovia, were finally removed last week after residents requested that they be taken down.

The canvas banners which had been advertising “smoke free Camden” should not have been hung in the Charlotte Street conservation area, according to residents who had long asked for their removal. Residents had argued that Camden Council were setting a bad example by displaying their own advertising hoardings while at the same asking for illegally erected signs and banners to be removed.

It wasn’t until action by newly elected Bloomsbury Ward councillor Adam Harrison that the banners were removed. Adam Harrison agreed with residents that the banners looked unsightly and had no place in a conservation area.

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