By Linus Rees

Derwent London have updated their exhibition at 43 Whitfield Street to include a tribute to the Constructionist Artists who were based in and around Fitzroy and Charlotte Streets.

One of the artists included in the exhibition Adrian Heath (1920-1992) used to live at 22 Fitzroy Street, a building that Derwent London now own. However, Adrian Heath was also a founder member of the Charlotte Street Association. Adrian Heath and his wife Corinne Heath (who died last year) were active in a constant campaign to preserve the character of Fitzrovia, fighting developers and promoting conservation. It is ironic that Derwent London are claiming the spirit of these artists in their exhibition. Derwent London are regarded as undoing what Adrian and Corinne Heath fought to preserve.

Derwent London have invited people living in Fitzrovia to view the exhibition and hoping to persuade residents to endorse their proposals. Surveyors are presently working in Whitfield Street and Charlotte Street taking measurements of the Saatchi building to produce graphic design models of its proposed redevelopment.

The exhibition at 43 Whitfield Street is open from 10am to 11am Monday to Friday.