By Linus Rees

Among friends. Ruth Miller standing in front of the Fitzrovia Play Association Mural on the wall of the Fitzrovia Neighbourhood Centre in Goodge Place. The mural was painted by Brian Barnes MBE with the help of local children in 2000. Ten years' on and it's in need of some repair.

More events to raise awareness of London’s murals will take place in 2011 say the London Mural Preservation Society (LMPS). There will be talks, walks and other events to inform people about where London’s murals are and why they were painted. Many of London’s murals are in danger of decaying and being lost forever say LMPS.

Ruth Miller of the LMPS spoke to Fitzrovia News yesterday when visiting the Fitzrovia Play Association mural on the wall of the Fitzrovia Neighbourhood Centre in Goodge Place to photograph it for their record of London murals. Ruth told Fitzrovia News that they wanted to do a series of events over the next year to increase awareness of London’s murals. They are currently photographing as many London murals as they know about and want to know about other London murals.

Ruth is concerned that many of London’s murals are in need of restoration and some are in danger of being lost altogether. LMPS is building an online collection of current murals with details of the mural artists and the history behind each mural.

Ruth says she’s photographed “about 70 painted and mosaic murals mainly dating from the 1970s to 2000”. If you know of a London mural please let Ruth know about it by getting in touch with LMPS through their website London Mural Preservation Society