By Guy O’Connell

Residents of Fitzrovia living near giant building projects are considering a campaign to get their council tax paid by developers.

The demolition of the Middlesex Hospital and the plans someday to build up there again prove the massive disruption to people living with the noise, dust and lorries.

One man living between two office re-builds on Charlotte Street told us he was driven out of his home by the construction noise coming from two directions at once. New plans are being submitted for development work and a recent meeting heard a push to get firms who take on long projects to reimburse locals for their lost amenity.

Building work must fit with the Environmental Protection Act as well as with planning regulations, but the disruption can be very tough for anyone living with it for long periods. Some projects take twelve months or more, and in these cases, where residents lives are turned upside down, there are many residents pushing for recognition that their own enjoyment of basic services are put on hold as a result.

Watch this space, or contact us if you’d like to get involved.