By Angela Lovely

Changing places. Somers Town goes west.
Changing places. Somers Town goes west.

If you were to rely on the new Legible London signs to find your way around you could get hopelessly lost. One of the new monoliths glued to the pavement in Bloomsbury points walkers in the direction of Fitzrovia while informing them that they are heading towards Somers Town.

Are the producers of Legible London geographically and cartographically challenged? It’s a good job most of us hardened Londoners aren’t stupid enough to need to use these useless planks of misinformation. The hapless tourist on the other hand is going to be heading in the wrong direction. That’s really going to help London’s world city status.

Here’s what Legible London says about itself:

Walking is a great way of getting around London. Yet many people are put off by inconsistent signage and confusion about distances between areas.

And you’re adding to the problem.

Based on extensive research, the easy-to-use system presents information in a range of ways, including on maps and signs, to help people find their way.

Which means some bod in an office hunched over a computer has used Google Map or his car’s TomTom or some other useless gadget and not actually bothered to step foot onto the pavement at all. They’ve even stuck these walking signs on the Bozza Bike hire racket adding to the confusion by omitting the one-way streets and informing cyclists of the “walking time” to various destinations.

Talk about lack of joined-up thinking. What clown is in charge of all this? And how much are they getting paid? I bet they’re laughing all the way to Barclays.

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