Party atmosphere outside University of London Union in Malet Street as students march in day of action against government cuts

By Linus Rees

Thousands of students from all over the UK gather outside University of London Union

Thousands of students from all over the UK gathered outside the University of London Union (ULU) in Malet Street this morning to join the day of action against the government’s cuts. Other groups joined in solidarity with students and took part in chanting and danced to music as the march set off down Malet Street to join the main march organised by the TUC.

The student march is being led by the Student Assembly who have formed an “education bloc” who want to draw in lecturers, teachers and trade unionists to organise action and build wider support against the cuts. A statement by the Student Assembly says:

We have called this bloc because we want to show that we have not gone away. The militancy, energy and dynamism of our protests last Winter proved an inspiration to tens of thousands up and down the country. We now want to link up with the workers’ movement more generally and unite to resist. We must create bodies like the London Student Assembly to link the struggles up and down the country to fight every cut.

Other groups will demonstrate in Oxford Street against tax dodgers as as part of the growing UK Uncut movement. UK Uncut is encouraging people to take part in “action against the tax dodgers and the banks directly” instead of listening to speakers at a rally in Hyde park.

Activists will converge on Oxford Circus at 3.30pm today for a “mass occupation of a top secret location”, says UK Uncut.

Students chanting

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