By Angela Lovely

Georgian Building
1-3 Goodge Street is the oldest building in Fitzrovia. Although not listed it is an important part of Fitzrovia's heritage as it contains many of its original internal features. The building has been left to deteriorate over a number of years.

Plans to redevelop the corner of Goodge Street and Tottenham Court Road will destroy a Georgian building if planning permission is allowed. Number 1-3 Goodge Street was built in 1763 and retains many original external and internal features and has an unusual floor layout. It is the oldest building on Goodge Street but although it is in the Charlotte Street conservation area it is not a listed building.

Previous attempts to demolish the building have been refused permission and the planning inspectorate dismissed a previous appeal to demolish it. But now a new proposal threatens this historic building in one of Fitzrovia’s most well-known streets.

Local campaign group the Charlotte Street Association (CSA) have launched an appeal to save the building and persuade Camden Council to refuse planning permission.

Max Neufeld of the CSA is asking residents to write to Camden Council to object to the plans. “This is our local shopping street and an important part of our neighbourhood. Do please write in and object; as well as persuading others to do so,” says Mr Neufeld.

The plans also include a design for an ugly multi-storey fish tank-like corner building that the CSA describe as “more like Las Vegas than Goodge Street”.

Details of and how to object to the proposals are available here. Comments must be received by Friday 29 July 2011.

The redevelopment is one of many plans currently being proposed in Fitzrovia. The neighbourhood is currently experiencing a lot of redevelopment activity and conservationists and local residents are concerned about the impact these will have.

Update: 16 November 2011: the planning officer is recommending approval of the planning permission. Decision to be taken at Development Control meeting 24 November 2011. The officer’s report is here.