By News Reporters

Neighbourhood Centre on corner of street.
Fitzrovia Neighbourhood Centre, on the corner of Tottenham Street and Goodge Place, has served the community with an advice service, and voluntary activities since 1975.

The Fitzrovia Neighbourhood Association (FNA) has this week launched its winter charity appeal in order to secure funds for the year ahead. The FNA has operated out of its neighbourhood centre in Tottenham Street since 1975 and provides a free drop-in advice service and community activities for those living in Fitzrovia.

This year the charity has faced funding cuts due to the government’s austerity measures and is asking for help to continue its work for the local community.

As well as an advice service the FNA provides support for older people with health, arts and social activities, and community development activities for the Bangladeshi community. They also respond to planning and licensing applications and work to improve the quality of life in the neighbourhood. Fitzrovia News is also supported by the FNA and our advertising revenue contributes towards its running costs.

Despite the popular image of Fitzrovia as an upmarket and trendy area the reality is very different. Like many of London’s neighbourhoods, Fitzrovia is a mixed area where there is a wide disparity of wealth. The majority of people here rent their homes. There are many people living in council and housing association properties as well as many residents living in poor quality private rented accommodation. Air quality is poor and their is a shortage of open space and affordable housing.

Please visit the FNA’s donate page this winter to make a one-off payment to help them continue their work. Or you can show your support by liking their Facebook Page, or following their pages on Google+ and Linkedin.