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People standing in road.
Hundreds of cyclists and pedestrians in Pentonville Road, King's Cross, in a demonstration against Transport for London's policy of favouring volume of motor vehicle traffic over safety.

Hundreds of cyclists, pedestrians and road safety campaigners blocked the Kings Cross gyratory for nearly an hour tonight in a protest against Transport for London (TfL) and its policy of prioritising motor vehicle traffic.

Protesters shouted “Where are you Boris?” as they circulated the busy one way system outside Kings Cross railway station and opposite a “white bike” marking the death of 24-year-old Deep Lee who was killed by a lorry while cycling at King’s Cross on 3 October 2011.

Bikes Alive who initiated the demonstration published leaflets which were handed out explaining to passers-by what was going on and why the protest was taking place.

“The current Policy of TfL supports the unnecessary use of motor vehicles, and prioritises the speed and volume of motor traffic over the health, safety, and ease of movement of the community as a whole,” said the leaflet.

The direct action was being taken because “years of polite lobbying has got us nowhere”. The organisers explained “we have come together to attempt, non-violently, to calm the traffic at Kings Cross for an hour this evening”.

Jenny Jones riding bicycle
Jenny Jones riding her bicycle in support of the direct action at King's Cross.

The protest was good-natured and police and community support officers escorted the demonstrators along the road. At times officers had to intervene to tell car, motorbike and lorry drivers to “calm down” as they impatiently tried to push through the mass of cyclists and pedestrians.

As expected, Green candidate for London Mayor Jenny Jones cycled with the protesters to show her support.

One of the demonstrators spoke to Fitzrovia News about why he was there.

And video of demonstration:

Bikes Alive website

The Bikes Alive demonstration comes soon after last year’s Tour du Danger organised by Cyclists in the City.

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