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Photographs displayed on hoarding.
Photographs from the 2011 Fitzrovia Photography Prize are being exhibited at an open air gallery.

Art galleries have taken over Fitzrovia so much so that the exhibits are now spilling out onto the streets. And in stark contrast to the bland development which has had the go-ahead, the hoardings surrounding the former Middlesex Hospital site have been transformed into an attractive open air art gallery along the Mortimer Street frontage.

From this week a selection of photographs from the 2011 Fitzrovia Photography Prize organised by Diemar / Noble Photography will be on display.

Over 600 people, from as far away as Europe and the USA, rose to the challenge and submitted up to three images, of which 53 were selected for the exhibition that ran through August.  Some entrants chose to provide an explanatory caption, while others let the picture tell the story, but the location of each photograph was plotted on a detailed map of the area.

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