Woman leaving shop entrance.
CBC’s Susan Ormiston went to the Little Greek Pie shop to analyse the Greek debt.

When the Canadian broadcaster CBC wanted to explain to its viewers how the latest Eurozone bailout deal works and what Greece owes, they came to a traditional Greek pie shop… in Fitzrovia. Where else?

CBC’s Susan Ormiston wandered into the Little Greek Pie shop on the corner of Cleveland and Tottenham Streets and started playing with the pastry to show how many slices of tasty pies have been used to reduce the Greek debt.

You can see the footage here.

Pie charts or Greeks eating humble pie? While it’s charming of CBC to visit one of our favourite shops, Fitzrovia News thinks that CBC ought to have been dealing with the raw ingredients of the Greek problem — the banking system.

Greeks are unfairly portrayed as profligate spenders and we suggest CBC ought to follow Channel 4 News’ lead and let a Greek economist with a passion for his own people explain things with a little more analysis.

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