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Water mains leak
Paddling pool in Charlotte Street as Londoners are told to save water. Picture by Fiona Green.

While people in London are told to save water because “we are officially in drought” water has been pouring out of the middle of a road in Fitzrovia since the middle of last week.

Thames Water were given full details of the location of the leak including a photograph. They said they would treat the problem as urgent.

Today (1 April) this was the scene in Charlotte Street with water flowing into the nearby drain.

The road has been dug up and barriers have been placed around a hole that is full of water and overflowing. Yet four days after the leak was reported the water continues to pour into the road.

"After an exceptionally dry two years, with below-average rainfall for 19 of the past 24 months, the Thames Water region, like much of the South East, is in drought," say Thames Water. Pic: Thames Water.

Thames Water have started buying billboard space and putting up adverts telling people:

As we can’t control the weather, or predict how much rain will fall this year, everyone needs to play their part in reducing the amount of water they use.

As a result, we’re giving notice to all of our customers that as of 5 April 2012, it will be prohibited to draw water through a hosepipe or similar equipment, or fill or maintain a domestic swimming pool, paddling pool or ornamental fountain.

Meanwhile the middle of Charlotte Street has its own paddling pool.

There’s also another water leak on Cleveland Street in the road outside the BT Tower.

You can report water leaks by freephone or by Twitter. See Thames Water website.!/thameswater/status/186478710252257281