By News Reporters

Workers moving transformer into position.
Underneath Charlotte Place, and outside the Lantana cafe, workers removed the 1950s transformer and installed a new one.

The quiet streets, closed shops and restaurants on the Easter holiday weekend were an opportunity to remove an ageing electricity transformer underneath Charlotte Place and install a new one to supply the surround streets with electricity.

Electricity transformer being hoisted along street.
The new transformer inching its way along Charlotte Place.

This morning (Friday 6 April) a large flat-bed lorry arrived in Goodge Street, Fitzrovia, carrying a brand new transformer and lifting equipment.

A basement cavity underneath the flagstones of Charlotte Place was revealed and an old transformer which was deteriorating from the 1950s was disconnected from the national grid and removed.

A crane on the back of the lorry was used to hoist the old unit out and bring the new one into position. Electricians (aka sparkies) then installed the new unit.

The local electric supply didn’t need to be turned as a switch can be thrown to bypass the transformer because of the low demand for electric over the holiday.

Old electricity transformer on the back of a flat bed lorry.
The 1950s transformer ready to be taken away.

The transformer converts electricity from 25,000 volts into the 240 volt domestic supply which is fed into homes and businesses. Each transformer supplies several streets. Larger buildings have their own unit. The units are oil filled to cool them.