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View looking north at Charlotte Place in Fitzrovia.
Views along Charlotte Place have become “iconic”.

An “iconic” Fitzrovia street under threat of over-development has been saved after Camden Council refused planning permission for a roof extension. In a decision made last week, the application was refused on conservation and other grounds.

Residents, businesses and conservation groups had expressed great concern about a proposed roof extension in Charlotte Place, one of a number of pedestrian walkways in Fitzrovia.

The little street has the border with Westminster and Camden running down the middle and has a mix of homes, shops, cafes, restaurants and a pub. It is considered to be one of Fitzrovia’s most attractive streets. 

The proposal was to build a mansard roof extension on top of numbers 10, 11, 12 and 13 Charlotte Place to provide two one-bedroom self-contained flats, relocation of water tanks to roof, installation of solar panels on roof and extension of kitchen extract on rear elevation of number 13.

Camden’s planners refused the proposed roof extension saying:

The proposed additional floor, due to its scale, location and detailed design would result in a prominent, obtrusive and top-heavy extension, which would fail to respect its setting and context and would harm the character and appearance of the host buildings, the streescene and the Charlotte Street Conservation Area.

The council had received objections from neighbouring residents, businesses and local groups. The Charlotte Street Conservation Area Advisory Committee objected saying:

The proposal is over-scaled and the original form of this series of buildings, without mansards, should be preserved. The proposal would adversely affect the character of the conservation area.

The Charlotte Street Association objected for a number of reasons but stressed the importance of the appearance of the street.

The proposed roof extension will impair important views along Charlotte Place. Over very many years, there have been photographs of views down Charlotte Place which have become “iconic” ones for Fitzrovia.

The eastern side of the street is in the Charlotte Street conservation area in Camden while the western side of the street is in the neighbouring Charlotte Street West conservation area in Westminster. A previous proposal by the same applicant was also refused permission last year.