By News Reporters

Film set.
The Fitzroy Place development site being used as a film set.

Film crews have been making use of what looks like a bomb site in the middle of Fitzrovia. The hoarding at Riding House Street and Nassau Street had been the setting a couple of weeks ago now another scene is being filmed inside the development site known as Fitzroy Place.

The developers Exemplar had alerted the residents to the latest filming in their newsletter which they posted through neighbours doors and send out via email.

during the last month some observant neighbours may have seen film crews in and around the site,particularly near the corner of Nassau and Riding House Street. Whilst we were not able to inform neighbours in advance and are unable to divulge which movie it will be, we can say that the unique nature of this development site in Central London has proved an ideal scene for a big-budget ‘international suspense thriller’. Those with a keen eye would have also recognised the well-known Hollywood actor and may recognise the scene when the movie is released in 2013.

Going forward there will be sadly limited opportunities to entertain such ‘extra- curricular’ activities as building is set to progress apace. You may however see a few more cameras rolling for smaller productions if you keep an eye out.

Man with camera preparing to film scene.
A cameraman frames his shot.

So our photographer was a little surprised when he was twice prevented from taking photographs from around the site.

This Sunday morning there appears to be some sort of period drama being filmed in one corner of the site. “No photographs please” said a guy who emerged from his silver car in Nassau Street as our photographer took a shot through one of the windows in the hoarding.

No doubt Exemplar are making even more money from this piece of land.

Fitzrovia’s attractive streets are often used for filming because of its many listed buildings and conservation areas.