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Plackard reads "I asked God - She's pro-choice".
Hundreds of people demonstrated in Bedford Square last year after 40DFL filmed women entering clinic.

Prayer vigil versus counter demo returns this week as the American-styled 40 Days for Life group and local pro-choice activists face each other outside the British Pregnancy Advisory Service (BPAS) in Bedford Square.

During the course of Lent, Bloomsbury Pro-Choice will be holding a counter-campaign, beginning with Carnival of Choice 7pm on Tuesday 12 February to coincide with the arrival of 40DFL.

Bloomsbury Pro Choice say that 40DFL tactics are harassing and intimidating women who are seeking to access treatment and advice. 

“We encourage all those who are pro-choice to come along and join us, to show just how ridiculous and inappropriate we think these anti-abortion tactics really are,” say Bloomsbury Pro Choice.

40 Days for Life say: “In early 2013 our community in London will be one of hundreds of towns and cities worldwide joining together for the largest and longest coordinated pro-life vigil in history – the 40 Days for Life campaign”.

In March 2012 a protest by 40 Days for Life came to prominence when the police were called in after members of the group filmed women entering and leaving the BPAS clinic. A counter-protest was organised and hundreds of people turned up out-numbering the 40 Days for Life group in the Georgian Square off Tottenham Court Road.