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Street and bollards
Warren Street has been closed to through traffic putting an end to the rat run.

Warren Street has been permanently closed to through traffic. This week no entry signs and bollards have been placed across the street stopping motor vehicles but allowing cycles to pass through. Camden Council closed the street as part of a number of changes to traffic movements in Fitzrovia following a public consultation in 2011. 

The street has long been used as a rat run for drivers avoiding the traffic lights at the junction with Tottenham Court Road and Euston Road. Cars would turn left into Warren Street off Tottenham Court Road and drive along to turn right into Cleveland Street and finally left to join the Euston Road, often avoiding both red lights and a queue of vehicles on the Euston Road.

Over the past week since the closure a number of taxi and mini-cab drivers have been turning into the street only to cruise to a halt to find that the well-known short cut had been blocked.

Camden had stated: “When there are works on Euston Road causing traffic congestion, Warren Street can become a popular alternative route as it is one way from Tottenham Court Road to Cleveland Street. Local residents have raised their concerns regarding this.”

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