Camden Youth Action! Film Showcase 4 April 2013

Mitch Winehouse.
Mitch Winehouse addresses the audience at the Camden Youth Action! Film Showcase event, whilst drawing the raffle prize draw. Alongside him is one of the young event hosts: Fatima Begum, aged 20.

By News Reporters

Young people took the spotlight last Thursday for an unforgettable evening of music, film, and live performances at the Camden Centre. Organised by local charity Fitzrovia Youth in Action, the Camden Youth Action! Showcase brought together young film makers, music producers, and performers, to raise awareness of local issues and the positive contribution young people can make to the community. 

Eight films documenting the issues of drugs, alcohol, conflict, community cohesion, and employability were presented to over 300 young people, adults, and local VIPs. The films were produced by Fitzrovia Youth in Action and a range of partner youth organisations based in Camden.

The Amy Winehouse Foundation funded the drugs and alcohol films, and Amy’s parents, Mitch and Janis, attended the event. Amy’s parents say it is an important part of their daughter’s legacy to help young people make informed decisions about drug use.

Mitch Winehouse said: “We are happy to support and develop music and film provision that inspires those young people most vulnerable and disadvantaged to reach their full potential. Amy would be very proud to be part of this. All you read in the papers is how useless young people are. It’s just not true. [At this showcase] we see a shining example for every person in London to see.”

Mitch added: “We hope the young people involved go on to use their talent and skills to achieve many more great things, they should be very proud of themselves.”

The showcase’s youth steering group was made up of 12 young people, mentored by professionals to meet their AQA accreditations. Over 50 young people had been involved in the production of the films, and around 20 young volunteers were involved in hosting and stewarding at the event.

Talia, 16, one of the young event organisers said: “Organising Camden Youth Action has been really exciting and I have learnt so much about leadership and management. The films are really good and we are all proud to be involved.”

The audience was also treated to performances by Afrika and God’s Gift Academy, live music by Yanick and Leon, and poetry by Russie.