Leader of Camden Council Sarah Hayward faces her accuser from the Tax Payers’ Alliance.


You’ve got to admire the conviction of Sarah Hayward. On tonight’s Channel 5 News she not only dismissed the Tax Payers’ Alliance report into high public sector earners as factually inaccurate but she called their spokesperson Robert Oxley a liar.

The report by the Tax Payers Alliance stated: “The council with the most employees in receipt of remuneration over £100,000 in 2011-12 was Camden with 40”. But Sarah Hayward leader of Camden Council went to speak live on Channel 5 News and face up to her accuser Robert Oxley, saying that only 16 employees are paid more than £100,000 a year not the 40 as the report claimed.

She nearly called the report a piece of shit in her handbagging of Oxley, saying: “If my staff had produced such an inaccurate piece of …er… work, I would actually get performance management for them.”

Oxley said the figures TPA got were from the Council’s own published accounts.

But Hayward responded saying: “The report is wrong and it’s been wrong every year. We’ve asked for it to be corrected but they’ve failed to do it.”

Oxley said the council has a legal duty to provide accurate accounts.

Hayward responded saying: “You continue to lie about it”. And at the end of the interview she got the last word in saying: “He’s wrong, and he’s lying about our accounts”.

Watch the interview on Channel 5 News.

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