Former Odeon site and hospital building.
A new hospital is planned on the Odeon site (foreground) and the Rosenheim building (background). As viewed from corner of Grafton Way and Tottenham Court Road.

By News Reporters

A massive new addition to University College Hospital is proposed by University College London Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust (UCLH) on the site of the former Odeon and Paramount cinema on the corner of Grafton Way and Tottenham Court Road. The development, announced this week, will also mean the demolition of the Rosenheim Building in Huntley Street. There will be a public exhibition outlining the plans next week. 

Map of site.
Site plan. Source: UCLH consultation leaflet.

UCLH are proposing to build a Proton Beam Therapy Centre below ground level and a patient facility above ground. The development would be over 25,000 square metres with four floors below ground and five floors above ground and will be adjacent to the Jeremy Bentham pub and the Paramount Court residential block. Patients will access the Centre through a main entrance at ground floor level on the corner of Grafton Way and Huntley Street.

Artist's impression of new hospital.
A new proton beam therapy centre is planned. Source: Indicative image from UCLH.

UCLH says the Proton Beam Therapy Centre will be a state-of-the-art patient facility with patient beds and operating theatres. PBT is used to treat children and adults with cancer. At the moment, selected patients have to travel overseas to be treated in PBT facilities.

The “Odeon Site” has been vacant since the cinema was demolished in 1960 and is also connected to a section 106 agreement for social housing signed in 2004 which has still not been fulfilled. The Rosenheim building was opened in 1937.

Facade of building.
The Rosenheim building (as seen from Huntley Street) was opened in 1937.

UCLH intend to submit a planning application in November to Camden Council. They anticipate a decision during February 2014 and if successful work will begin in May with completion due in January 2018.

UCLH managers seem to have had a sudden rush of blood to the head as this consultation follows hot on the heals of proposals announced for the former Strand Union workhouse site in Cleveland Street. It is understood that UCLH may also announce plans for the vacant Arthur Stanley House in Tottenham Street.

Fitzrovia’s community groups will have to sift through more planning applications and residents and employees near the sites will have to endure the disturbance from more demolition and construction works.

New clinical facility – public exhibition: Monday 7 October 2.30pm – 7.30pm and Tuesday 8 October 2.30pm – 7.30pm at University College Hospital’s Atrium, 235 Euston Road, London NW1 2BU.

UCLH Consultation booklet.