No traffic lights, few signs, and cycle racks are blocking a crossing point at busy junction of Tottenham Court Road, Euston Road and Hampstead Road

By News Reporters

Give way traffic sign.
Give way. One of the few signs advising traffic at Euston Circus.

Euston Circus is certainly living up to its name as motor traffic, pedestrians and cyclists tried to cope navigating this busy road intersection. Between 10am and 11am this morning we watched traffic movements in the total absence of traffic lights but also no proper signage indicating the one-way system. 

No entry painted on road.
No entry painted on the road is a leftover from the previous road layout. The are no keep left signs, no entry signs or much to indicate the direction of traffic. And this morning the traffic lights were not working.

There are currently no keep left signs, no entry signs, cycling infrastructure or much in the way to assist the safe crossing for pedestrians at the many roads meeting near Warren Street and Euston Square underground stations.

Yesterday evening we were alerted to the installation of cycle stands which are blocking a pedestrian crossing outside University College Hospital on Euston Road, making it very difficult for the blind and partially-sighted to cross the road.

So we took a look for ourselves this morning to see what’s going on.

Cycle stands blocking crossing.
Integrated transport by clowns at Euston Circus. Pedestrians have to weave through cycle stands to use the crossing.

The so-called improvements to Euston Circus by Transport for London and Camden Council have been going on for several months now and little of the £10m budget seems to be have set aside for proper signage, pedestrian or cycling facilities.

While those in motor vehicles moved relatively smoothly through the intersection, unless you are a very assertive cyclist it looks to be a scary experience. Elderly and disabled pedestrians and those with children were finding crossing the roads very difficult.

Euston underpass sign.
Euston Underpass, also known as Euston Circus, is a busy intersection.

During the 45 minutes we watched the intersection we did not see any collisions but pedestrians and cyclists looked a little nervous at times. We asked a few people if it was better without the traffic lights of worse. One driver in a 4×4 said: “It’s worse, I think!”

Imagine what it feels like for pedestrians and cyclists?

Sign about road improvements.
Even the signs are using the incorrect grammar.

We’ll be asking Camden Council to comment on this story. In response to the above tweet by Robert Harris, the Mayor of Camden has said he will investigate about the cycle stands blocking the pedestrian crossing.

The Euston Circus improvements are due to be completed by the spring of 2014.

Update 3.12pm Friday 01-11-13: Traffic lights are now working again. Camden Council have also been in touch to say that this is a Transport for London (TfL) scheme and that we should contact them. We are awaiting a response from TfL.

Update 11.43am Monday 04-11-13: A Transport for London (TfL) spokesperson said: “We apologise for any inconvenience to pedestrians wishing to cross Euston Circus on Friday. Our contractors have now removed the cycle stands, which were recently installed, and will return them once the upgraded pedestrian crossings are installed in their new location later this year.”