Almost half a million new jobs and more than 350,000 new homes are planned in London’s largest areas of development  — 33 opportunity and 10 intensification areas. But homes and jobs for who?

Can tenant and community groups in these areas make gains or prevent losses in terms of homes and jobs for their communities? That is the question to be discussed at Saturday’s London Tenants Federation Conference. 

The conference will examine some of what has happened at Kings Cross — the most advanced of the of the 33 opportunity areas — and use this as a generator for wider discussion on other community involvement in large-scale development areas.

Huge amounts of industrial land has been lost in London and with it jobs that would in the past have sustained ordinary, working-class communities, often in close proximity to their
homes. Businesses, even those still viable and serving local communities, are being displaced in large development plans.

The conference will seek to find out how ordinary people in London’s neighbourhoods could effectively resist corporate interests and develop alternative community-determined plans.

The one-day conference will include a workshop on affordable housing exploring what national policy and emerging practice guidance say on viability and deliverability, how this is being used to reduce levels of affordable homes in developments and challenges that might be made on this.

There will also be workshops on local employment opportunities and preserving community buildings.

Download conference 2013 programme.

London Tenants Federation 2013 Conference: Opportunity & Intensification Areas
10.30am to 4.30pm Saturday 30 November at Ampthill Hill Square Tenants Hall, Barnby Street, London NW1

The conference is open to tenant and other community groups.  It’s free to book by emailing:

Barnby Street, London NW1