Barb Jacobson talking with Max Keiser.
Barb Jacobson explains what the Basic Income is on RT’s Keiser Report.

By News Reporters

A Fitzrovia charity worker appeared on a financial news television programme this week to talk about a guaranteed citizen’s income. Barb Jacobson who runs the Fitzrovia Neighbourhood Association’s Older Fitzrovia project is also an organiser with the European Citizens Initiative for Unconditional Basic Income was interviewed by Max Keiser on RT’s Keiser Report

Keiser first asked Jacobson to explain what Basic Income is and they then went on to discuss the proposals that have been made in Switzerland and its forthcoming national referendum on the initiative which could eventually give all its citizens a guaranteed monthly income.

Basic Income UK is promoting an unconditional basic income as a progressive policy towards a fairer welfare state. They argue that a basic income scheme is one of the most simple tax / benefits models, it will reduce all the bureaucracy surrounding the welfare state making it less complex and costly. There is a petition in support of the scheme.

In December Jacobson also also appeared on Occupy London TV with Professor David Graeber to talk about Basic Income. The programme was recorded at the Fitzrovia Neighbourhood Association.

Basic Income UK: Towards an emancipatory welfare. Sign the petition for a Basic Income.