Private renting in Camden.
Private renting in Camden.

By News Reporters

Over a third of homes in Camden are privately rented after rapid growth in recent years. Now the council want to improve the lot of the private tenant. 

The popularity of Camden as a place to live means that even poor quality accommodation can be rented out easily, says Camden Council.

In Fitzrovia many private renters know this all too well. And with property prices in the neighbourhood rising quickly, many landlords are screwing tenants for as much as they can get.

Improve standards and affordability.Camden Council say they want to know how they can work with landlords, tenants and other residents to improve standards and make sure the private rented sector works for everyone. They even reckon they can “improve standards and affordability in the private rented sector”.

Don’t believe them? We don’t either. And with tiny 1 bedroom flats in Fitzrovia going for about £1,500 a month we think Camden has lost the plot.

If you want to find out how Camden will perform this miracle, then please find attached the leaflet for a tenant forum (‘private renters’ meet up’) on 25 March (7-9pm). Venue: Arlington House, 220 Arlington Road, Camden Town, NW1 7HE. To book your place, email or call 020 7974 5519.

Private renting in Camden — does it work for you?

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