People standing with cycles.
Richard Evans (centre with blue and white shirt and cap) and friends, at Bikefix, Lambs Conduit Street..

By News Reporters

Richard Evans set off from central London at midday on Saturday for the longest bike ride of his life. His journey will take him first through east London, then Essex and then Harwich where he will get the night ferry to begin his journey across the continents of Europe and Asia. And then across the rest of the globe. 

A group of 25 cyclists accompanied 53-year-old Richard Evans on the first leg to Harwich of his round the world bike ride from Bikefix in central London.

One of those to see him safely off was Dr Robert Davis of the Road Danger Reduction Forum, an organisation which campaigns for “real road safety”. He told Fitzrovia News: “Guinness World Records have problems accepting his recumbent as a bicycle and Richard is taking a truly “laid back” approach to his 6 month trip, but this should be the fastest round the world trip on a recumbent. So far…

“Although his ride is not a sponsored ride or with charity as its aim, transport planner Richard works for cyclist safety in London and is a keen supporter of RoadPeace, who are getting donations from his supporters,” says Dr Davis.

Man on recumbent cycle.
Laid back approach. Richard Evans on his recumbent cycle. Picture by Robert Davis.

Among the luggage he has packed on his Bacchetta Giro recumbent is a stick as he fears getting attacked by wild dogs in some parts of the world; something many cyclists have reported as a hazard.

You can keep up to date with Richard’s progress on his website and on Twitter.

Lamb conduit street, London