Motorcycle and road hooks.
Camden Council have installed ground anchors but few bike owners are using them.

By Guy O’Connell

Teenage motorbike thieves are targetting Fitzrovia.  They may look like tykes on bikes, dressed like ninjas, but are using tactics that have worked across the capital.

Cycling in pairs, with hoods and masks they cruise the scooter bays of W1 looking for flash machines that may lack total security.  Camden Council has recently upgraded the bays on Charlotte Street to include metal ground anchors, but many bike owners do not yet make full use of them.

Locals on Thursday evening spotted a pair of teenage cyclists riding round the bike bays of Fitzrovia looking for targets.  Wearing back packs, sporting face masks and caps and hoods, they’ve dressed up like actors in a video game.  But thieves in London using basic tools are lifting machines from the roadside every day.

“It takes an average of 20 seconds to steal a motorbike worth £10,000.”  Claims a recent survey by the website Talk Talk. “More bikes are stolen in the UK than are bought new .. and thefts are concentrated around Central London.”

Coming soon on FN photo and video evidence for you of the baby ninjas who want YOUR machine.  For now keep your wits and your wheels about you.