Crew having a meal on ship.
Konrad (Jack Laskey) has finally achieved his ambition to become a captain in the merchant navy. New to both his ship and crew, the young captain tries to cover up his own doubts about his capacity to fulfill his assigned duties but only alienates the weathered Chinese crew.

Peter Fudakowski has directed his first film at the age of 60 and it is being released this month.

It is called Secret Sharer and has its premiere on June 23 at the Curzon Mayfair, and goes on general release four days later.

“It is a romantic thriller based on a Joseph Conrad short story,” said Peter who lives with his wife and children in Colville Place.

“There is a mutiny by the Chinese crew against a young western captain on a big rusting cargo ship in the South China Sea. After they abandon him, a naked Chinese woman comes aboard in distress saying just ‘hide me.’ The next day another Chinese captain with some thugs come aboard saying they are looking for a murderer.”

Peter moved into Fitzrovia in 1996 in order to be in the film business, after working in finance. Since then he has been involved as a producer and writer in several films including Tsotsi in 2005 which won an oscar.

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