In the latest printed edition of Fitzrovia News (FN135) we reported that LK Computers Ltd in Charlotte Street had closed. This was incorrect and we apologise for the error.

We stated in the column “Opening and closing shops” on page 9 that LK Computers at 64 Charlotte Street was one of the closed shops. However, we should have reported the shop had moved to new premises a few doors away.

Man standing outside shop.
“We are still open”. Larry Koloz outside his new premises which he shares with Charlotte Street News.

Larry Koloz the owner of the shop contacted Fitzrovia News to complain that we had said his business had closed. He explained that the business is at a new address at 66 Charlotte Street and had never closed but just moved to new premises. He now shares a newsagents shop and has a new workshop.

Koloz told Fitzrovia News: “We are still open and continue to service and repair all kinds of computers.”

LK Computer Laboratory is able to repairs Macs, PCs, and deal with software problems with operating systems including Windows, Macintosh and GNU/Linux. They also repair mobile phones.

The shop also sells unbreakable Android mobile phones. He demonstrated this new device by throwing it on the ground and allowing our reporter to stamp on it. We can confirm it was still working after this test.

LK Computers Ltd, at Charlotte Street News, 66 Charlotte Street, London W1T 4QE. Open 7am to 7pm Monday to Friday. Contact his workshop outside these hours on 07807 042 582.

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