In a small cafe in the quieter part of Charlotte Street is a home from home for football fans of Napoli — the club based in the Italian city of Naples. A short film which was made last year describes the passion for football and features the cafe owner and London’s Napoli supporters.

Apparently filmed by a group of students who came in one day says Felice Bracco who has run the cafe and sandwich bar since 1996. In the film Bracco talks about his passion for football. Things can get a bit lively at times says Bracco of the Italian fans and their enthusiasm for the game. “There are only three important things in football,” he says “To win, to win, to win!”

The film is credited to Ellie Mills, Jessica Morgan, Charlie Pelling, Ciara Pound, Nick Reilly, and was filmed at Italia Uno, 91 Charlotte Street, Fitzrovia, London W1T 4PX. Napoli Fans Club London.

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