Artist Oona Hassim will be showing her work depicting crowds and demonstrations at a solo exhibition at the Woollf Gallery on Charlotte Street in February.

Oil painting depiction street demonstration.
Oona Hassim. NHS demo 2014. Oil on canvas.

Hassim’s unique style of painting echoes of soft and dreamlike impressionism which is interrupted by the hardened edge of modern day objects and issues. Her exploration of crowds and the passage of life that traverses London’s streets emphasises the fast pace of the city and how you can easily get lost in its atmosphere.

Working with either oil on canvas or pastels on paper Hassim appears as the impartial spectator, which allows here to observe the energy within the city, the energy that everyone seems to be swept up in.

Her depiction of the NHS demonstration shows her ability to harness the power of mass movement and exude the mood of its people. Although she may appear as a spectator in her work, one could suggest that by capturing important causes, such as the G20 protests and Gaza, she inadvertently comments on the issue, publicising problems within our society.

In 2012, Hassim journeyed to New York City to explore another place renowned for its accelerated way of living and diverse population. During this short period she produced works that captured the Occupy movement and celebrated areas of New York City, such as Times Square and Grand Central Station. These works will be displayed for the first time at Woolff Gallery during this exhibition.

Hassim depicts a paradox of positive and negative energies in her paintings. The scenes are truly fascinating and they make you focus on the important aspects of life amongst the cacophony and hubbub.

Oona Hassim solo show, Woolff Gallery, 89 Charlotte Street, Fitzrovia, London, W1T 4PU, London from the 5 February until the 6 March 2015.

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