University College London (UCL) has submitted plans for the redevelopment and refurbishment of a hall of residence on Charlotte Street to increase the number of students accommodated. The hall known as Astor College currently has rooms for 235 students and the proposals would increase the capacity to 295.

Front of building.
UCL plans to increase student accommodation at Astor College, 99 Charlotte Street.

The plans, which were published by Camden Council in early March, include an eight storey rear extension, a 1.5 storey extension to the front of the building, and a cafe. The designs also include a new cladding over the existing facade, the opening of an alleyway and landscaping to the rear of the site for outdoor amenity space.

UCL says it needs to increase the amount of student accommodation it has to meet the needs of a larger student intake. UCL has many sites for students to live, nine of which are located in the London Borough of Camden. It also has “major investment plans” for nearby Ramsey Hall in Maple Street.

The site currently has 90 spaces for cycle parking but the plans are to reduce this to 45 as UCL say there is not enough demand from students for cycle parking. However, cycle usage in London is steadily increasing.

The plans, if given the go ahead, will add to the huge amount of construction work either proposed or in progress in Charlotte Street. The site is next to the recently completed Sainsbury Wellcome Centre and is directly opposite the Saatchi building which will be part-demolished later this year.