Politics is suddenly very interesting. Holborn and St Pancras Labour Party has backed Jeremy Corbyn for leader and Stella Creasy for deputy leader. But don’t be fooled by the smiling faces in the picture below.

Camden Labour Twitter.
Camden Labour tweeted without comment: “Holborn and St Pancras Labour Party nominate Jeremy Corbyn and Stella Creasy.”

At a packed meeting of the constituency party held at the Dragon Hall in Covent Garden on Tuesday 28 July the membership made their nominations after hearing speeches from party members.

This is the Constituency Labour Party that has Keir Starmer for its MP and was previously the seat of long-standing MP Frank Dobson.

There was a lot of Twitter activity in the build up to the meeting, but after the result the usually noisy tweeters were surprisingly quiet.

Nothing from Camden Council leader Sarah Hayward — more than 25,000 tweets from her since 2009, but no comment about Tuesday night.

Camden’s cabinet member Phil Jones is tweeting about cycle lanes and Hayward is re-tweeting Jonesey’s tweets.

Bloomsbury and Blairite councillor Adam Harrison has been rather quiet.

Rishi Madlani — Bloomsbury’s other councillor — got very excited about the number of people in the meeting:

Then he did tweet the leader result:

But he appears to have been told to stop it as he’s said nothing since.

Bloomsbury’s Sabrina Francis had other things on her mind

Camden Labour councillors seem to be abstaining from cheering about Tuesday night’s decision.

Meanwhile trade unions Unison and Unite have backed Corbyn for leader. He also has the support of many Green Party members who although cannot vote for Corbyn are enthusiastically showing their support with a Greens4Corbyn campaign.

Derek Wall of the Greens has stated that a win for Corbyn would be a win for the entire left, not just Labour.

Richard Osley of the Camden New Journal reported that Corbyn was apparently an easy winner at the Camden Labour meeting, and that Andy Burnham — backed by new MP Keir Starmer — was out on the first round of voting.

And before anyone jumps to the conclusion that newly joined Labour members are swinging the vote, it is worth remembering that Corbyn’s constituency in neighbouring Islington — which he has held for Labour since 1983 — shares a border with Holborn and St Pancras.

A more likely explanation is that Labour’s grassroot party members in Camden don’t like being taken for granted and are sending a clear message after Starmer and Burnham abstained in the recent Welfare Reform Bill vote.

*Update: 10.45am 31 July 2015. A brief statement on the Camden Labour Facebook page said:

“Holborn and St. Pancras Labour Party made a supporting nomination for Jeremy Corbyn and Stella Creasy.

“In the Leadership ballot, Jeremy Corbyn polled the most votes, but did not secure enough to win on the first round. As a result, Andy Burnham was eliminated and his votes were redistributed. Jeremy Corbyn then secured the nomination. Yvette Cooper came second, and Liz Kendall third.

“In the ballot for the Deputy Leader, Ben Bradshaw was eliminated first, Angela Eagle was eliminated second, and Caroline Flint was eliminated third.
Stella Creasy then secured the most votes, and Tom Watson came second.”