A digital start up in Charlotte Street has launched a mobile phone app to help punters find events and special offers in bars, pubs and clubs as they pass them in the street.

Screenshot of Crowdit app showing map of Fitzrovia.
Crowdit allows users to explore events and deals in Fitzrovia, Soho and Shoreditch.

Crowdit app allows users in Fitzrovia, Soho and Shoreditch real-time intelligence about events and deals available in their immediate location.

Crowdit Ltd was founded back in January by London-based entrepreneur Sam Amrani and CEO Jason Rousseau-Hall and moved to Charlotte Street in mid-June before launching the app on 14 October.

Amrani says Crowdit’s focus on spontaneity makes it stand out from their competitors. “There are simply no other apps in our space that let users explore their city based on impulse.

“Crowdit lets people know what’s going on in their immediate location, at that specific time, making it the perfect tool for an unplanned night out. It allows them to find new venues and new drinks brands, rediscovering their city in a new way.”

The app ‘Crowdit’ was originally Carlsberg’s which accrued roughly 400,000 users in 18 months across Denmark and Sweden.

Carlsberg then sold it and now Amrani and Rousseau-Hall want the app to be a huge success in London.

The app, which also allows users to create a route, connect with friends, and — controversially — book a taxi or mini-cab with Uber.

The company was given a boost recently when it raised $2 million in seed funding led by Hong Kong-based First Eastern Investment Group.

Victor Chu, chairman of First Eastern said, “Crowdit offers something very unique for both consumers and businesses. It’s an incredibly clever idea and one with great potential for growth and further investment. Already hugely popular in Denmark and Sweden, Crowdit is a catalyst for excitement in the community. I can see it becoming a global phenomenon.”

Crowdit will use the funding to expand into Shanghai, Tokyo and New York and add new features such as mobile payments, social gifting and personalised recommendations.

Crowdit is free to download for users from the Apple App Store and Google Play store but businesses pay a monthly or annual fee to include their venues and offers on the app.

More information about Crowdit is available from crowditapp.com.