A local neighbourhood group is working towards a first draft of a neighbourhood plan for the Fitzrovia West Neighbourhood Area to be published this autumn.

Map of Fitzrovia West.
A neighbourhood Plan can help shape development in The Fitzrovia West Neighbourhood Area.

A recent public consultation has identified many priorities for the area. Residents and business people have expressed a desire to reduce pollution, create green spaces, better manage refuse and rubbish, protect and encourage local shops and businesses, preserve local heritage, and press for the delivery of affordable housing in the neighbourhood.

The forum has also resolved that “immediate steps be taken to start a programme of public greening” and to improve the streets for walking and cycling.

Wendy Shillam of Fitzrovia West Neighbourhood Forum told Fitzrovia News:

“Drafting the plan will be a Herculean task and FitzWest welcomes offers of help from other members of the forum, especially if they have specialist knowledge.

“In September this draft will be presented to an AGM for further discussion. As in previous successful meetings there will be a series of discussion groups, so that forum members may speak face to face with those involved in each specific topic.”

A summary of the emerging plan has been published on the FitzWest website.