Cyclists living and working in Fitzrovia can get a free check up of their bike and pick up information about cycling in London at Whitfield Gardens today as part of Bike Week 2016.

Two men and bicycle.
Mechanic Sam Parks adjusts brakes on a bicycle watched by Camden Council cycling officer Paul Davies at Whitfield Gardens.

If you are new to cycling in London or not sure about getting around safely the stall situated on the corner of Tottenham Court Road and Tottenham Street has lots of information to help you.

There are free cycle maps of London, information about theft prevention, and you can also book free cycle training to boost your confidence in navigating London’s busy roads safely.

Camden Council Cycle Roadshow, Whitfield Gardens, corner of Tottenham Court Road and Tottenham Street, 11am to 3pm Monday 13 June 2016. More information about cycling from Camden Council.