A new mural on a wall in an alleyway in Fitzrovia appeared this week and hints at the neighbourhood’s connection to 1960s psychedelia.

Mural on wall in alleyway.
Enjoy it while it’s there. Mural by Swedish artist Amara Por Dios. Photo: Ann Goodburn.

The work is on the side of co-working business Newman House which invited the Swedish artist Amara Por Dios to paint the mural. The mural was completed over the weekend.

Amara Por Dios has been living in London for the past three years and been decorating the streets with her colourful facial images that wouldn’t look out of place on a 1967 album cover.

A previous mural on the same wall was painted over by Westminster Council which takes a dim view of unauthorised street art.

But Newman House told Fitzrovia News that painting over the artwork merely recycles the wall for more artwork. Street artists understand that their work is likely to be covered up to be replaced by yet another image.

The mural can be viewed on the side of Newman House, 27 Newman Street, London W1T 1AR.