A new film called Sleeping Rough will dramatise the lives of three people who tell their stories of how they came to be homeless and living on the streets.

Woman sleeping on the pavement.
Sleeping Rough will tell the story of how three people ended up living on the streets.

Henry Aughterson, a third year medical student at University College London (UCL) and who lives in Camden, took part in research for the film and told Fitzrovia News about the project which involved speaking with rough sleepers over the past year.

“These interviews have been shaped into a story for three different characters, who each become homeless in different ways: a father whose relationship with his girlfriend breaks down, an immigrant who comes to the UK and gets exploited, and a woman who escapes from an unhappy relationship.

“The interviews will also be used throughout the film as voiceover, in order to communicate the reality of the stories,” he says.

The film is being made by Pastles Productions which is based in Bristol and Devon and specialises in making short films.

Co-producer Melita Cameron-Wood explained more about the production which is due to be released next year.

“We decided to make a docudrama as opposed to a documentary as many of those, who we interviewed did not want to be seen on film. The film will therefore comprise of a scripted section based upon the experiences that have been related to us, which will follow three individuals journeys.

“This project is not just a film, but an effort to educate about the realities of rough sleeping, homelessness and poverty in England today.

“We also aim to release an educational package for schools and universities after the film’s release. We want to get ordinary people talking and thinking about homelessness in a more nuanced way and we believe that our film can act as an impetus for change,”she says.

Pastles Productions is using a crowd-funder to cover the costs of making the film and will begin casting in December and then shooting during January and February.

The film makers are holding a “flashmob” in Trafalgar Square on 11 December to boost the funding campaign and raise awareness about the plight of those who are homeless and sleeping on the streets.

Sleeping Rough is directed by Owain Astles, produced by Melita Cameron-Wood and Owain Astles, with music by Rupert Cole. The film is being funded through Kickstarter and with a flashmob taking place on Sunday 11 December 2016.

If you are concerned about someone sleeping rough you can connect them to local services by visiting the website StreetLink.