The renowned broadcaster and documentary film maker Sir David Attenborough is to give the first annual lecture at the Sainsbury Wellcome Centre in Fitzrovia next week.

David Attenborough, sitting.
Photo: Attenborough talking at 3D Creative Summit 2013. By User:Mikedixson (Own work) [CC BY-SA 3.0 (], via Wikimedia Commons.
Every year the Sainsbury Wellcome Centre in Howland Street will host the SWC Lecture and invite speakers who made outstanding contributions to neurobiology, neuroethology and behaviour.

“It is a pleasure to announce that the inaugural SWC Lecture will focus on the issue of aesthetic sensation in birds and will be delivered by the naturalist Sir David Attenborough. Since the 1950s Sir David has spent much of his life observing and describing in vivid detail the natural behaviours of animals and plants. He is considered the pioneer of documentary film making for television and a leading thinker about the state of our planet. It is an immense pleasure to have him give his own, first-hand account of behaviour of birds in the wild,” said the SWC in a statement.

SWC Annual Lecture.