The Fox of Fitzrovia has been tracked down — six months after an appeal in Fitzrovia News. As our picture shows, the crafty mammal made an appearance after out-foxing our reporter on several occasions.

Fox and dog look at each other through railings.
Who are you looking at? A dog and fox face each other through the railings in Fitzroy Square. Photo: Night Prowler.

Several months ago, the slinky omnivore paused in silhouette beneath the iconic road sign for Fitzroy Square. This famous landmark has been visited over the years by George Bernard Shaw, Virginia Woolf, Oscar Wilde, Dylan Thomas and many more. Our reporter held his breath, framed the fox and the Fitzrovia Sign and pressed the button. But a technical error meant the whole scene went unrecorded and the animal slipped away, according to reports, smiling.

So, after many weeks on the trail, finally the beast made its reappearance and this time was snapped by our photographer.

This proves that the FN always gets its fox.