Comedian Stephen K Amos presents the fascinating story of former Fitzrovia resident and flamboyant racing tipster Ras Prince Monolulu on BBC Radio 4 this Saturday.

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Monolulu (1881-1965) became well-known on the race courses of England in the 1920s with his ostrich feather headdress and famous catchphrase: “I gotta ‘Orse, I gotta ‘Orse to beat the favourite.”

He lived and frequented many addresses in Fitzrovia, and from 1991 until 2002 the pub on the corner of Fitzroy Street and Maple Street was called The Prince Monolulu in tribute to him.

In this radio programme Amos sets out on a journey to discover more about the Ethopian-born Monolulu, the first black man ever to appear on British TV screens. It’s a documentary that’s stranger than fiction, of invented exotic identities, and the struggle for survival.

BBC Radio 4 The Prince Monolulu Quandary, 10:30am Saturday 17 December 2016, and then available on BBC iPlayer.