Rebecca Carrigan runs the BlueberryBlue catering and event company from Fitzrovia. Rebecca’s previous job was a film production manager, in the office that produced commercials, TV shows, feature films and the well known Comic Strip series from the 1980s to 1990s.

Woman holding a big cake.
Rebecca Carrigan bakes bespoke celebration cakes and customised biscuits for special occasions.

After her daughter was born in 2008 Rebecca wanted a career that did not involve long hours away on location and looked for an opportunity to become self employed from home.

“I was looking for work that could be flexible to fit in with family life but would also use my artistic and creative sides; cooking for and arranging events and parties seemed to fit the bill perfectly and I could use my organising skills and contacts from the previous job.”

She set up her cake design and catering company.

“I have catered for a wide variety of events from business lunches and dinners, drinks and canapé parties and even a BBQ hog roast.”

Rebecca bakes bespoke celebration cakes for clients and events.

“I’ve baked special cakes for many customers milestone life events including birthdays, weddings, christenings, farewells and housewarming. Customers tell me about the person for whom the cake is being made, their interests, hobbies or funny anecdotes about their lives and I will create a themed cake that reflects this. I enjoy the commissions where clients give me some leeway and creativity rather than have a very set idea about what they want. The element of surprise and fun is important.

“For the past five years I’ve been making customised biscuits, these are hand crafted with a funky feel to them. Thank you, corporate logos or any message for any occasion is then carefully hand-iced on top of the biscuit. These branded biscuits are used for corporate events, weddings, party bags and celebration gifts. We can incorporate just about any request and even I was embarrassed at some quite risqué biscuits I was asked to make for a hen party and a 50th birthday.”

Away from work, Rebecca was active on the All Souls Primary School, Parent Teachers Association for the past four years. She has recently been appointed a School Governor. This role is supporting the head teacher and staff. Rebecca’s area of responsibility is inclusion, special educational needs, achievement and wellbeing.

This article was originally published in the printed edition of Fitzrovia News, FN143 Winter 2016.