At the Fitzrovia Chapel next month is a new play, Finishing Touches, by established theatre playwright Brian Daniels. This dynamic modern production explores the impact of childhood sexual abuse on survivors.

Actors on stage.
Cast from left to right: Jonathan Curry, Tania Van Amse, Marie Fortune, Neville Cann, and director Alexa Christopher Daniels. Photo: Diogo Duarte.

Carol and her daughter Dawn struggle with their strained relationship. Neil and Roy, two old boarding school pals are thrown together again after 30 years. When their worlds collide, can the four of them help each other deal with past pain and move towards recovery?

Finishing Touches is directed by Alexa Christopher Daniels and stars Neville Cann, Jonathan Curry, Marie Fortune, and Tania Van Amse. It was commissioned by City Law firm Leigh Day.

Performances at 7.30pm, 6, 14 and 15 June 2017, at Fitzrovia Chapel, 2 Pearson Square, Fitzrovia, London W1T 3BF. Tickets to all performances are free by e-mail from — but donations to a charity for survivors of sexual abuse will be welcome.