A list of around 200 of the largest business occupiers in the Camden part of Fitzrovia has been revealed among documents published by The Fitzrovia Partnership business improvement district as part of its five year plan to intensify commercial activity in the neighbourhood.

Fitzrovia BID street list.
The renewed Fitzrovia business improvement district would be decided by a ballot of around 200 of the largest business rate payers. Source: Fitzrovia BID business plan 2017-2022.

The Fitzrovia 200 list identifies the largest non-domestic ratepayers which will finance the business improvement district (BID) 2017-2022 if they vote in favour of it this summer.

All the listed 200 pay business rates on premises with a rateable value (RV) over £160,000 and will be liable to a BID levy of 0.9 percent of RV charged every year. (Some businesses are listed multiple times as they have multiple premises.) The levy will raise around £1m every year.

In return The Fitzrovia Partnership will provide a raft of business services, market and improve the district to the benefit of its members, and liaise with Camden council and the mayor of London over public realm changes. The Fitzrovia Partnership was originally created in 2009 by Derwent London a real estate investment trust (REIT).

The list includes retailers, international companies, film and digital media, property developers and architects, medical and educational institutions, a lap dancing club and a West Midlands council.

The Fitzrovia 200 will receive ballot papers this week and will have until 5pm on 20 July to cast their vote. The ballot will be carried out by Camden Council and the result will be announced on 21 July. If successful the new five-year term will begin in August.

The Fitzrovia Partnership: BID Renewal 2017.