The Metropolitan Police will be holding a free “exchanging places” and security event outside Broadcasting House this month to help cyclists ride defensively and prevent cycle theft.

Policy cycle event.
Exchanging places and cycle security events help cyclists be aware of road danger and protect them from theft. Photo: Metropolitan Police Cycle Safety Team.

It is an opportunity for cyclists to get their bikes marked with a security tag that can be registered on a database to prevent theft. If the cycle does get stolen the security marking allows the owner to be contacted if it is recovered by the police.

There will also be the opportunity to climb into the cab of a heavy goods vehicle and experience the view — or lack of — from the driver’s seat.

“Lorries are involved in half the cyclist fatalities in Greater London, even though lorries make up only a small fraction of motor traffic,” says the London Cycling Campaign which wants improved lorry design and better training for drivers.

The “exchanging places” mini-training session run by the police is designed to help cyclists be aware of the danger from lorries.

“Responsible haulage companies will have fitted the latest mirrors to their fleets to give drivers a better view,” says Cycling UK which provides training for drivers from a cyclists perspective. “Additional sensors and CCTV will also help, but cyclists are well-advised to take care around large vehicles as, sat up in the cab, even with all those mirrors and sensors, drivers may still only have a limited view.”

Cycle security marking and exchanging places event. All Souls Place, London W1A 1AA, from 11am to 2pm on Monday 27 November 2017. Free.

Marylebone, London W1A 1AA, UK